Premium Eyelash Serum and Eyebrow Enhancement Formula

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Highly effective eyelash serum Nanolash has become a must-have of every make-up bag. Owing to the beauty product, lashes become visibly thicker, stronger and darker after just 15 days of use. Precisely though-out composition of the conditioner does not only condition eyelashes but also helps them become longer, thicker and fuller day by day. The first effects appear after two weeks of regular eyelash serum application. The treatment with Nanolash eyelash serum should not be discontinued if the desired outcomes are obtained. From that moment the serum has to be applied less frequently ?C approx. two, three times per week. Nanolash is meant to be used once a day after precise eye make-up removal, at bedtime. Before the application, eye skin area has to be made perfectly clean and dry. It is suggested resigning from using an under eye cream. Application of Nanolash resembles the use of a regular liquid eyeliner. The cosmetic has to be applied by using one swift motion and distributed along lash base. Nanolash can be put on both eyelids, upper and lower. There is no need in doubling the daily dose of the eyelash serum because just a small portion of the product is able to accelerate lash extension process. Capacity: 3 ml. The precise brush speeds up and facilitates the use of the product. Please, make sure that eye skin area has been precisely freed from make-up and under eye cream and then apply the eyelash serum right at the eyelash root line, the same way an eyeliner is applied. The eyelash serum penetrates skin within a few seconds and activates the nourishing substances.


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